Friday, September 23, 2016

Lowest Mortgage Rates in 40 Years!

Lowest Mortgage Rates in 40 Years!

The housing market remains strong, with strengthening home sales
and what is likely to be the lowest annual average for mortgage rates
in more than 40 years, according to new data from Freddie Mac.
They have found that in most markets, low mortgage rates have more
than offset the rise in house prices, preserving home-buyer affordability
for the typical household. Homeowners are also taking advantage of
low rates and house price appreciation that is increasing their home equity.
The share of cash-out refinances grew to 41 percent in the second quarter
of 2016, compared to 38 percent in the first quarter and 15 to 20 percent
during the housing crisis.

With this in mind, if your current rate is over 4.000% on a 30 year mortgage
or over 3.500% on a 15 year, refinancing NOW could save you thousands!!
Plus, YOU CAN NOW REFINANCE BY THE YEAR, not in 5 year increments
as before, so most likely, you won't even have to extend your current term.
You may even be able to cut a few years off and the rates even beat the
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