Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stop Renting and Purchase Your Dream Home with only 1% Down!

  Global Unity Mortgage is proud to introduce a brand new program called
The Conventional 1% Down with Equity Boost!
Click on the video below to see how this exciting new program works...

See? Now there's no reason to wait, as this is an exciting new option for just about anyone looking to buy a home!!
And remember, just because buying a home has never been easier, every buyer still needs to get pre-qualified just like any other program, so call Global Unity Mortgage today at 860-872-9479 and get pre-qualified to purchase the home you’ve always dreamed of owning!
At Global Unity Mortgage...your business means the world to us!!!
Video Re-cap:
You put down 1%, the lender then contributes *2% towards your down-payment (giving you a total of 3% equity in the home) and then you finance the rest as a conventional loan. You'll still get a great low rate, you can still close in less than 30 days and it's even available with a no monthly mortgage insurance option.
  *2% lender contribution may only be applied to down payment